V2X Intersection Surveillance System

Monitoring blind intersections using V2X communication technology

Optical Data Transmission: Modulated Braking Lights

Proof-of-concept: Reliable and secure V2V communication using braking lights

Optical Data Transmission: MIMO

Proof-of-concept: MIMO V2V communication using braking lights

Consumption Model Development

Development of consumption models for both single vehicles and vehicle platoons

Car Data Managment

Application allowing to monitor and manage car-related data using the OBD-II interface

Intelligent Car Pooling System

Automated system to find the perfect match for carpooling based on an individuals mobility behavior

Car as a Sensor

V2V-based sensor network for monitoring various traffic-relevant phenomena

Parking Assist System Simulator

Development of a simulation framework for investigating different algorithms for automated parking

Dynamic Platooning

Implementation of an algorithm for the automated and dynamic formation of vehicle platoons

Micro Road Traffic

Implementation of a microscopic road traffic model

Augmented House

Implementation of a AR prototype to augment a 3D building plan on a tablet

Video Transmission

Lab setup of a video transmission system

C2C Link Level

Design and implementation of an 802.11p link level simulator in Simulink

Road Network Generation

Automated generation of road networks for traffic simulations using Lindenmayer-Systems

Road Traffic Modeling

Road traffic modeling based on mobile network operator data

Mobile Speed Map

Implementation of a native Android application for performing speed tests

Traveling Salesman

Routing via smartphone based on a modified version of the traveling salesman problem

Navigation for Buses

Development of an OSM-based navigation system for public service vehicles

Population Density

Estimation of population density using publicly available data


Analysis of an adaptive switching point for LTE TDD by dynamic system level simulation

OSM Clutter Data

Development of a parser and database for terrain and cluster data in Austria

Open Coverage Map

Creation of a publicly available network coverage map

Movement Model

Movement model for mobile radio based on Open Street Map

Cell Phone or Tower

Comparison of radiation exposure ensuing from cell phones and towers

Mobile Network Testing

Evaluation and testing of mobile networks

OSM Elevation Data

Combination of OSM elevation data with NASA measurment data in an appropriate format

Cell Map Builder

Smartphone and web application to create a map outlining received signals strengths

Radiation Immissions

Evaluation of GSM and UMTS radiation immissions in Hagenberg, Austria

Sensitivity in LTE

Impacts of channel feedback errors on the performance in LTE systems

Simulator Interfaces

Quality evaluation for a link-to-system-level interface in a mobile communication system

Handover Prediction

Measuring and analysing a possible reduction of capacity drops through predictive handovers

FH WLAN Availability

Measuring and visualizing the availability of WLAN in the FH1 and FH2 building

Wrap-Around Urban

Development of a wrap-around model for an urban scenario

Plain vs. Wrap-Around

Comparison of plain and wrap-around models in mobile radio simulations


Development of a snapshot simulator to perform multihop cellular network simluations

Network Analysis Tool

Development of a mobile radio network analysis tool

Signal Strength Distribution

Implementation of a PocketPC application for mapping measured signal strengths on GPS locations