Consumption Models: Test Drives and Verification (M)

Verification of ODB2-based fuel consumption by means of test drives

Pedestrian Warning System (M)

Development of a pedestrian warning system based on mobile phones and the Kapsch EVK-3300 V2X module

Optical Data Transmission: Image Recognition (M)

Automated and image-based annotation and detection of braking lights

Platooning Platform (M)

Open service platform for platooning

Dynamic Platooning (M)

Dynamic formation and deformation of platoons by utilizing C2C technology (platoon manager)

Cooperative Intersections (M)

Intelligent intersection management for autonomous vehicles and mixed traffic scenarios

Consumption Models: Validation (M)

Simulation-based calibration and validation of fuel consumption models in TraffSim

Spatial Emission Modelling (B,M)

Analysis of microscopic emission models and integration in the simulation framework TraffSim

Automated Car-Following for Model Cars (M)

Development of a car-following algorithm for model cars using sensors and V2V communication

Parking Assist System for Model Cars (M)

Development of a parking assist system prototype for model cars

Fingerprinting: Position Accuracy Prediction (M)

Implementation of system for optimizing fingerprint based indoor positioning

3D Shadowing (M)

Improvement of a 2D and development of a 3D shadowing model

Ray Tracer (M)

Implementation of a simple ray tracing environment (models, algorithms)

Gamification in Traffic Simulation (B,M)

Enabling the external control of individual vehicles in TraffSim using a steering wheel and pedals

Intelligent Driving Strategies (B)

Development and evaluation of driving strategies allowing for sustainable and efficient transportation

Hybrid Vehicle Powertrain Strategies (B)

Development of intelligent powertrain strategies for hybrid vehicles considering known mobility patterns

3D Traffic (B)

Implementation of a 3D visualization for the traffic simulator „traffsim“