Car-as-a-Sensor: Sensor Box Re-Engineering

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Recent developments in the field of vehicle-to-vehicle (C2C, V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (C2I, V2I) build a solid foundation for various applications in the automotive domain, such as infotainment or safety systems. The fact that modern cars can be (and already are) equipped with a series of sensors and other monitoring devices is also interesting as it offers new ways for data collection and visualization. By collecting and visualizing data from vehicles (or „mobile sensor stations“) such as their carbon footprint or fine dust emission in combination with their current position and a timestamp, a detailed and time-variant view on certain traffic-relevant phenomena and their impact on the environment can be made. An example could be a fine-grained map displaying vehicle-induced emissions within certain areas of a city in real-time.

In a previous project a bulky setup of a sensor system has been implemented. In the course of this project this mobile „car-as-a-sensor“ system should be re-engineered in order to be well prepared for test drives which are also part of the project.